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Aaron Voss Joins Lark & Clam Leadership Team
Lark & Clam is thrilled to announce that game industry veteran Aaron Voss has joined as a full time member of the leadership team.
Aaron’s history in game publishing began in 1995 with White Wolf Games. He has also been a key part of the leadership teams of CCP, and PSI. Over his 20 + year career he has focussed on Print Production, Supply Chain Management and International Licensing.
At Lark & Clam, Aaron is focusing his energy on Original Game Production, Business Development, and Partner Relations.
According to Aaron, “I’ve always loved the creative process and here at Lark & Clam, I get to help a dedicated group of creatives bring their dreams to life. So, let’s focus on having fun!”
Lark & Clam is a maker of fine board games, card games, and curios. It’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was created by an eclectic mix of talented veterans of a variety of entertainment industry business.
Lark & Clam’s mission is to bring fun to play, easy to learn “party games” to a wider audience. We believe that face-to-face engagement is a basic human need and that quick and fun games are an important part of life.
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For Immediate Release

Deer Lord! – Hit Indie Card Game To Be Available Everywhere
Game developers, Lark & Clam, have announced that the hit European indie card game, Deer Lord!, is being brought into broad distribution this July.
Deer Lord! is a Social Party Game where players challenge each other to wacky “Duels,” and also attempt to “Dupe” each other by secretly getting away with outrageous social actions unnoticed. This combination of overt battles of wits and sneaky subterfuge creates an utterly unique gaming experience that has taken early adopting Party Game fans by storm.
Deer Lord! flourished as an independent game and now will be broadly available through two simultaneous revised and updated editions.
The revised Deer Lord will be available through Target retail stores starting July 30. This run of the game is comprised of core Deer Lord! card set as well as the “Broadway” and “Gangsta” expansion sets.
Additionally, we are extremely excited to announce the Bling Edition exclusive to Hobby Retailers available July 26. This edition includes the core Deer Lord! card set as well as the “Geek” and “Asylum” expansion sets. This set also includes a collectible medallion not available in other channels.
3D copybig-box-cards.pngBig Box front

MSRP $19.99.
4 to 8 players.
12+ yrs.

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