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Deer Lord! is a Social Party Game where players challenge each other to wacky “Duels,” and also attempt to “Dupe” each other by secretly getting away with outrageous social actions unnoticed. This combination of overt battles of wits and sneaky subterfuge creates an utterly unique gaming experience that has taken Party Game fans by storm.
Deer Lord! is broadly available in two new revised editions now!

Eye Boarder

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Eye Boarder

 Get Mean and Flirty
With This Deer Lord! Expansion!

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Deer Lord!
Encounters In The Wild

Eye Boarder

Deer Lord! 360 Playthrough with Magic Pop Ups!

360 is still a cutting edge format not supported by all players so if you are having trouble viewing, take note of these viewing tips –
On a DESKTOP, make sure to use an HTML5 browser, such as Chrome.
From your SMARTPHONE, view from the YouTube APP or Facebook APP. (Viewing from a smartphone web browser will result in an unsatisfactory “exploded view” of the awesome.) Just search for “Lark and Clam” on your Youtube or Facebook viewer and check it out!
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