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About Us

Lark & Clam is a maker of fine board games, card games, and curios located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was created by an eclectic mix of talented veterans of a variety of entertainment industry business. Many of the founders of Lark & Clam have a shared history in the original White Wolf Publishing. Additionally, the company boasts talent from the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim television networks.
Lark & Clam’s mission is to bring fun to play, easy to learn “party games” to a wider audience. Lark & Clam believes that face-to-face engagement is a basic human need and that quick and fun games are an important part of life.

The Legend of the Larclam

Some have been Happy As A Clam.
Others have reached the rarified state of being As Happy As A Lark.
But when the Clams and Larks gather to boast; and when the Fat-and-Happy trade tales with Pigs-In-Mud; then there is one standard of bliss to which they all aspire:
Happy as the Larclam
Legend tells of the meeting of the First Clam and the Lark Queen and of the giddy winged mollusk that came forth from this forbidden union. Thus there was the Larclam and thus the world did rejoice.
At Lark and Clam, we’ve learned forgotten cantrips that dim the Larclam into a helpless fugue state. In our laboratory we extract its magics which are mixed with the printing ink of every game we make to assure our customers always get – twice the happy.

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